I enjoy writing short stories and poetry about whatever happens to spin itself together in the recesses of mind. Not sure where the threads originate from, though I grew up with my nose in a book and my mind elsewhere. Then I went to college and studied mechanical engineering. Daydreams grew with alarming regularity. I suppose this is trying to rein those in and shape them into something useful. I enjoy fantasy, genre bends, as well as literary fiction and try to write a little of each. I also mentioned poetry, and I’m not sure whether it was listening to too much heady lyrical┬árap, but I often think in rhymes. I think everybody has a little Dr. Seuss in them. Somehow it all mixes into spoken word poetry, at an awkward cadence and lilting rhyme scheme. If any of that sounds good to you, then check out what I have. I post at least once a week alternating between spoken word poetry and short stories with some reflections and ruminations between.

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If you want to talk about my writing then comment on the posts, go to the contact page, or send me an email at talk@michaelwoodworthstories.com.

Last of all and certainly not least, you are awesome.


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