What I’m All About – Spoken Word Poem

What I’m All About – Spoken Word Poem

This is the much-anticipated (though admittedly only by me) first post of my website. I want to give you, the fantastic reader, an idea of what this blog will be like. The poem below is one I wrote for that explicit purpose: to highlight my oddness in the most flattering way possible. Though I am not sure how effective the attempt was. And since I wrote this poem to be spoken, hopefully in a very manly baritone, I embedded the YouTube video from my channel as well. There are more than a few name drops in there, hopefully they can give you a feel for my bookish and introspective nature with some rap thrown in to make the introspection more bearable.

What I’m all About

Welcome to my channel, I’m glad you’re here.
To put it simply it’s a one stop shop for spoken word poetry and short stories alternating on a weekly basis.
Now if that doesn’t draw your attention like libido to sultry thumbnail clickbait
then let me see if I can get you to prop your feet on the proverbial couch and lounge for a while by putting it another way.
You’re already flying from webpage to webpage so why not take a rest, check out what’s complimentary.
There’s some cool stuff waiting on the corner of digital and analog to hop the wires, get a sick boost at the amplifier
and ride the pressure waves into your ears.
Just to give you an example, or a trailer sized taste,
this is a place where sometimes purple prose is praised for ignoring restraint,
where Watsky and Nujabes would ready the scalpel and exploratory camera in order to find the
secret things in common.
While common, the rapper, wriggles on the operating table
prattling off babbling rhymes
directing the two intrepid surgeons as they tunnel around trying to find the secret to a well-placed rhyme.
What I’m trying to say is, this place can get a little weird,
like space is the final frontier weird or roll a d20 to see if you can, with your teeth,
tear the beer cap off without screwing up your veneer weird.
This is a place that takes a Taser common conventions to jitter and shake them until they hopefully make sense again.
Where rhyming doesn’t necessarily require a beat to maintain timing.
Though I admit it would probably make things smoother.
At least for me, time dilation doesn’t necessarily require moving at an insane velocity, just a brain that daydreams constantly.
But this place is mostly about storytelling,
and storytelling well its pretty much the same.
It takes at least two to play and
writing is the spark that sets my mind ablaze.
It would admittedly be pretty cool to have someone sit around the fire and listen to the cracks and tinny snaps that would otherwise reverberate into empty space.
If that sounds cool to you then check out what I’ve got.
If not,
you still can’t stop me from wishing you the best.
Thanks again.



There will be a post in the coming days that includes the first short story I wrote for my YouTube Channel named After the Cryonics. In that post I will include the transcript and talk about some of the motivations and thoughts percolating in my head at the time pen met paper. Thanks!


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